Same programming, new schedule.

In the 2024-2025 school year, we will continue to offer preschool Learning and Enrichment. Learning classrooms offer high-quality, play-based instruction. Enrichment classrooms offer an optional extended day that expands on the lessons of the Learning classroom. Both Learning and Enrichment classrooms are capped at 18 students. Students must be enrolled in Learning first and can choose to enroll in Enrichment if offered at that location.

We will be adjusting our schedule to offer half-day preschool sessions five days a week, morning and afternoon, at all of our sites. The majority of our sites will also offer Enrichment on the opposite schedule; i.e., students will be able to attend Learning in the morning and then Enrichment in the afternoon, or alternately, start the day in Enrichment and then go to the Learning classroom in the afternoon. The preschool at Alicia Sanchez Elementary will offer 30 hours of Learning per week; a half-day schedule will not be available.

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2024-25 Preschool Tuition Rates

Learning and Enrichment tuition for the 2024-25 school year will be $620/month for half days and $1240/month for full days. All four year olds will be able to attend 15 hours of Learning at no-cost to the family. Four year olds who qualify for 30 hours of programming through the Colorado Universal Preschool Program (UPK) can attend both Learning and Enrichment at no cost to the family.  Three year olds with an Individualized Education Plan can attend for 15 hours at no cost to the family through UPK. Families of three year olds who do not have an IEP can apply for a tuition seat.

Community Montessori Children's House tuition for the 2024-25 school year will be $817.70 for half-day programming or $1635.40 for full day. All four year olds may attend at no-cost to the family for half a day. Families who qualify for 30 hours through UPK can attend full day at no cost to the family.