Why preschool matters

Because children’s brains and bodies grow at such a rapid pace from birth to age five, the preschool years are a critical time for them to build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Our integrated preschool program offers an exceptional opportunity to do just that. 

Diverse minds light up those around them

Boulder Valley School District is proud to make our high-quality integrated preschool program available and accessible to everyone because it benefits everyone. Research shows that all children learn more and better when their preschool classes include peers of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Together, we grow to appreciate and learn from one another.

High-Quality Inclusion = improved social and communication skills & academic achievements for all children (with and without disabilities).

Creativity is the tool, knowledge is the outcome

High quality preschool programs fuel children’s natural curiosity. Our preschools use the ‘Creative Curriculum,’ which is all about active learning. Children are experiencing, moving, making things and talking about their discoveries. They do not just watch and listen but instead are inspired to explore independently and with others. The skills and knowledge they build along the way prepare them to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  

Family-school partnership is key

A child’s family is their first and most important teacher. We want to get to know your family and work closely with you to support your child’s development. Because children learn best when they have a community of caring adults to support them.

three kids smiling

This is the start of something big.