Importance of Early Childhood Education


Importance of ECE​

Give your child the best start in school.​


​Early childhood education matters. This is the true “launch pad” for all your child can accomplish, discover and learn in the years ahead. This learning and growing time of their lives is precious, and simply finding childcare to fill their days is not enough. BVSD Preschool classes offer a combination of learning and play and are led by licensed, experienced educators. Each classroom uses the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum which honors creativity and makes learning exciting and relevant to every child. We welcome a diverse classroom of learners and help them build social and emotional confidence and also gain pre-literacy and pre-math skills. This is where students gain a love of learning, an enthusiasm for school and a “can-do” attitude that will propel them in kindergarten and throughout their education.

Where play and learning meet.​


BVSD Early Childhood Education curriculum is well rounded, diverse, creative and engaging – just like our students. It is designed to address learning in all developmental areas including cognitive, language, physical, self-help, social and emotional. Our Creative Curriculum model is woven into daily activities through themes, projects, play, and other learning experiences, so children gain an understanding of concepts and make connections across developmental areas. Visit our classrooms and you’ll see active learning where children are participating, moving, discovering,  exploring and experimenting. You can almost hear the spark of “a-ha” moments taking place.