Colorado Preschool Program

Access for ​all.

Every child deserves to have the very best fou​ndation to spark success in school and in life. And since preschool is the starting point, we would never want the cost of it to deter you from enrolling your child. So BVSD will work with you to find the perfect learning spot to ignite your child’s sense of discovery and also fit your family’s needs.

For eligible families, the Colorado Preschool Program makes it possible for young learners to attend preschool four days a week, half day in the mornings or afternoons, at no cost. This state-funded program could be the perfect way for you to give your child the head start they deserve in school. Click below to find out where it is available.  ​​​


The right solution for your family.
We want to make sure kids who need an extra boost to get their education off to the right start, find exactly the help they are looking for. So our Preschool Community Liaison will talk with your family and your child to find out more about your unique needs. Eligibility for this program is determined by your child’s age and what things in his or her life might make it harder to thrive and succeed in kindergarten. A variety of factors will be considered including income (free or reduced lunch qualified), language skills, social skills and more. Our goal is to make sure your child has the very best start in education and this process will help us guide you. (Note, to be eligible, children must be three or four years of age before September 30th.)


We spark confidence, too.
Being ready for kindergarten is more than just being ready to learn to read and write. It also means helping young learners have the social and emotional skills they need to make friends, focus, ask questions, interact with teachers and be happy. If your child needs help with social skills and you cannot afford tuition, it is especially important you look into the Colorado Preschool Program. It could make all the difference in how your child feels about school and that can create a positive first step for life-long success.



WHAT PARENTS ARE SA​YING PARENTS ARE SA​YING​​Our daughter’s first year experience could not have gone better. The teachers gave her so much. It means so much to us to have our daughter’s first touch point with school and learning be so positive.​​​​"